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Services for Pubs, Bars and Restaurants

Training your staff on your wine list is essential, even if it is short and simple.


We can provide a short training course (no more than a couple of hours) for your staff on your wine list including how to discuss wine, wine opening, wine service and how to spot and deal with faults and complaints about wine.



Selecting a balanced, interesting and commercial wine list for your pub or restaurant.


We work with you chef and your team to identify and select the right wines for your pub or restaurant. We will also match it to the food with suggestions and train your staff in the wine list. We will also ensure your list is commercially appropriate for your business and will teach your staff how to sell the wines effectively.





In house tastings and wine events.


Wine tastings and wine events are a perfect way to draw customers into your restaurant, pub or bar as well as introduce them to the wines you serve (and so sell them).



With 30 years of commercial experience behind us, we know you run a business and have to get the product, price. service and experience right for your customers.


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We love being challenged to explore wine in new ways.



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