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Private Parties, Events and Experiences

Above: A very special event exploring a five bottle vertical of a customer's favourite wine - the legendary Ch. Musar from Lebanon. 

Some detail:


Most Private Events and Experiences are for between 6 and 12 people. They work best with these numbers but can work with fewer or more.


Prices will vary depending on the numbers and the wines used. However, it is very unusual for them to be below £25 per person or above £50 per person.


(If you are running a wine event as a fundraiser for a charity there will be special rates.)


Events are held at your house or another location you provide. We usually need a table to put glasses and wines on, large enough for the number attending. All involved must be over 18. We provide glasses, the wines and everything else for the fantastic experience. We ask you to provide clean drinking water. 

We provide a range of experiences and events and will always adapt and develop yours to meet your interests and need. Below are some of the events we can run - but challenge us with your own idea! 


Some of our experiences:


Blind Tasting - using just taste can you identify the grapes in the wines? We give you a crib sheet on grape taste features and you work together (or on your own if competitive) to see if you can identify the grapes used. Great fun and full of surprises.


Red Wine Adventure - explore the key styles and regions of red wines, plus some unusual ones, and find out why they are so different. 


White Wonders - try the core varieties of whites and explore some you may never have tried as alteratives to old favourites. 


Fizzy Fun - there is so much more to fizz than Champagne and Prosecco. Take a trip around the world in fizzy wine. Great fun. 


Sweet and Fortified - some of the worlds greatest wines are sweet and/or fortified. Never thought it was for you? Try it and see how amazing they are.


Blended or Single Grape comparison - experience why winemakers blend by comparing five different grape varieties on their own and as part of a blend.



Trip down The Loire - go on a wine adventure from one end of the Loire to the other. This amazing region is a treat for any wine lover to explore. 



Bordeaux Blends around the world - the most famous blend is copied all over the world. See how they compare?


Rare and unknown - treat yourselves to a range of wines (both red and white) you might not usually try. Wines, maybe, from Lebanon, Turkey, Wales, China and Patagonia? There is so much to wine than you think. 


The Judgement of Paris - repeat the famous competition between the French and the USA (or use Australia, New Zealand, South Africa instead just for fun) and see who wins?

Please contact us for a bespoke event or experience


We love being challenged to explore wine in new ways.



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