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Corporate Events and Services

Our Events and Services are ideal for companies and organisations to provide fantastic rewards and experiences to the people that matter - their employees. Make them collaborative or competitive.



Away-day fun and experiences - give your hard working team members a fantastic break on those long away days. Wine encourages discussion, sensible debate and disagreement and shows that everyone experiences things differently. 



Team Building - games with wine, in groups or individually, provide a great opportunity to bring teams together over a fun topic away from work topics. 



Team Rewards - say well done or thank you to a team by giving them and experience they will benefit from for ever. 





Scope and Prices


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We are keen to know if you want to link it to any part of any other activity or objective or simply have a fun evening chatting about wine. We are very happy to provide a quote or a range of options and ideas at different price points. If you are able to give us a target budget and what interests you we can generate two or three alternatives for you to evaluate.


As a rough guide an evening event for a Team Building or an Away Day experience (approx. 2 to 3 hours) will be between ¬£300 and ¬£800 depending on numbers and wines. Luxury experiences, for example tasting classified growths from Bordeaux, grand marque Champagnes or vintage ports, can be significantly more given the cost of the wines. 





Please contact us for a bespoke event or experience


We love being challenged to explore wine in new ways.



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