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Need help on what wine to serve at that special occassion? A wedding? A 40th birthday party? An important dinner party?


Want to never be worried by a wine list again?



Any question about wine?



See below for some of the services we have already provided to customers. 

Want to know how to navigate any wine list with confidence? Remove the worry about ordering wines in restaurants or bars. Charlie's Wine provides a short course which will mean you never worry about choosing a wine again. You can combine this with a fun tasting event with friends

Studying wine for an exam - maybe the WSET level 3? Need additional support, help and guidance. Or just interested in getting your wine knowledge Charlie's Wine provides one to one wine training

Looking to build a wine collection or cellar to give you drinking pleasure in years to come. Charlie's Wine provides independent advice and support on what to buy and how to keep and store it. Although most wine merchants will happily do this for you, they are never indepentent. Our advice is totally focused on you!

Buying special present for a wine lover? We can provide advice on what to buy as well as help your source the wine at the best price possible. 

Inherited a cellar or been given wine? Want to know what to drink, what to sell and what to store? Give us a call and we will help you make sense of what you have. We have provided this advice service very successfully for a number of clients unsure about what they have or what to do with it. 

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We love being challenged to explore wine in new ways.



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